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What else?!

Where can you enjoy your personal and working life more than ever before?
In a city that an international panel of judges has certified as possessing the highest quality of life worldwide for the fourth time running: Zürich, the center of the Greater Zurich Area. Nowhere else will you find higher standards of living and education, greater public health and safety, or more nearby recreational regions and cultural offerings. That’s the good news. The bad news is: it all becomes a matter of course so quickly...

Where can you go swimming right next door to the restaurant after having lunch?
Though Switzerland does not border on an ocean, there’s no shortage of open water: dozens of public bathing spots dot the lakeshores and riverbanks of the Greater Zurich Area – and even right in the city of Zürich (250 meters of real sandy beach along the Mythenquai!). You can dive right in and relax whenever you or your customers feel like it: rumor has it that 80% of international business deals are transacted at the waters of the lake...
Where can you step out of the shower and be at the meeting 20 minutes later?
Whether you choose to go for an early-morning jog along the river, bike around the lake or swim in either of the two; put excess energy to good use mountain-biking in the surrounding hills or running the tracks; or spend a sunny weekend hiking the nearby mountains and skiing in winter - nowhere else can you make it home again as quickly as in the Greater Zurich Area. And if you still manage to arrive to the meeting late, you’ll just have to use your imagination...
Profit from Personal Safety

Where is there no need to worry if your kids aren’t home on time?
Here in the Greater Zurich Area neither your children nor you need to live in fear, no matter when or where you happen to be. Our cities are among the safest anywhere in the world: in the morning, you can let your children go to school alone without worrying about it, and if they don’t show up on time for dinner in the evenings, there’s no need to be seriously worried, merely perhaps to reflect that perhaps there could be such a thing as too many playgrounds and skateboard parks...

Where will you hear and read at least three, but more like five languages every day?
Multiculturalism is a living reality in the Greater Zurich Area: few are the languages you won’t hear as you go about your everyday business, few the box-office releases you can’t watch in their original language with German, French and/or English subtitles. In the Greater Zurich Area even consumer goods are labeled in the three national languages German, Italian and French: Milch, Lait, Latte - so it’s belle vacanze, belles vacances, schönen Urlaub, and have a nice holiday...

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